Deadline for submitting projects to UNI-ECO’s ’Green Challenges’ extended until January 2

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The deadline for submitting proposals in the second edition of the campaign "Green Challenges: towards a more sustainable campus", organized by the European project UNI-ECO, has been extended until January 2. The initiative is aimed at members of the university community who want to contribute to building tomorrow’s sustainable university. Participation is very easy: just create a team, choose a challenge among those proposed on the project’s website and send a proposal to create a more sustainable campus.

Universities play an important role in the transition of society towards a more sustainable life. The Erasmus+ UNI-ECO interuniversity project resulted from this context, and it proposes to develop practical and collaborative tools for innovation in sustainability at the university. The project involves all the centers that build up the CHARM-EU alliance: the University of Montpellier, which coordinates the initiative in collaboration with the University of Barcelona, the University of Utrecht, Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest and Trinity College Dublin. The UNI-ECO project responds to the need to change our lifestyles and production methods to reduce the negative impact of human activities on the environment.


The first step is to create a 2-5 people team. Then, through UNI-ECO’s online platform , the team can present a project that will contribute to making their campus more sustainable, within one of the following challenges:

  • Raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and sustainability in general
  • Design actions to preserve and enhance biodiversity on campus
  • Move towards a circular economy at the university
  • Find ways to improve efficiency (resource use -water, energy-, alternatives to plastic, transportation and mobility, etc.)

Proposals may be submitted through this application form until January 2.

Then, the UB selection committee will meet to choose, among all the received proposals, the five top projects, which will receive institutional support to develop the idea between January and March 2022. Finally, this same committee will meet again at the end of March to select the winning UB project.

In April, the winning team will have the opportunity to present their project at the UNI-ECO Spring School in Utrecht (The Netherlands), a unique opportunity to work in a European context.

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