CHARM-EU Annual Conference

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The European university CHARM-EU is organizing, on January 13, the CHARM-EU Annual Conference: European universities’ cooperation. Towards sustainable, transdisciplinary partnerships. The meeting, which will be held virtually, will focus on the innovation and trends of higher education, and on how the European university alliances contribute to this development.

The CHARM-EU Annual Conference will provide a platform for the European universities to strengthen the strategic cooperation between higher education institutions across the EU. The cooperation between different stakeholders in higher education is becoming mor important in order to improve sustainable innovation, digital transformation, citizen wellbeing, equitable and inclusive societies and the economic development. This view has been reinforced in particular by the European Universities Initiative and through a number of European policy and action areas such as the New European Green Deal, the EU Digital Education Action Plan, the New European Bauhaus, the new European Research Area (ERA), the European Education Area and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A strategic and coordinated action to enhance the cooperation in the "knowledge square" (education, research, innovation, and business and society), based on a transdisciplinary approach, could have a major impact when having to address societal challenges. During these last two years, the European Universities Initiative has proved to be an efficient means to foster this cooperation, while developing a new university model and future citizens through education, research, innovation, external engagement and digitalization.

At the CHARM-EU Annual Conference, several elements of this topic will be discussed, including the benefits of cooperation between stakeholders at a local, national and regional level; the importance of having a common agenda based on knowledge sharing, and how to consolidate this interaction to develop innovative solutions to meet societal challenges in a fair and inclusive way.

Registrations are free and available here. Download the agenda here.

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