Anna Andreu and the power of allurement

The concert closed with a poem by Lorca, played by Paco Ibáñez, Canción del jinete.


This year’s second and last concert of Els Vespres d’Hivern took place on Thursday. The co-leader of the band Cálido Home, Anna Andreu, performed as a solo artist, together with the drummer Marina Arrufat. They presented the album Els mals costums, and the audience that got the seventy invitations to see the performance at the Paranimph could see this album is shocking due to its solidity and power of allurement. To balance the reduction of room capacity for this edition, due to the pandemic, the concert could be seen at home, through the live streaming on UBtv , which received, at some point, 360 spectators.

The first words the audience gave to the audience, before playing any song, were defiant: “We want to use this speaker to condemn the imprisonment of Pablo Hasél, an act of any antidemocratic and fascist state, to which we cannot get used to, and which violates the rights and freedom of everyone. With that being said, freedom for Pablo Hasél!’.

The concert, which increased its emotional intensity, was well received by the audience who did not know about the album, and made fall in love with it those who already liked the band, who saw how Marina Arrufat shined playing the drums in harmony with Andreu’s guitar. Full of warmth and magic, precious lyrics and delicate melodies, the concert flowed and the audience enjoyed it and gave an intense applause after each song.

The repertoire included some songs that do not belong to Els mals costums, such as one from when the artist played in Cálido Home together with Eduard Pagès: “He had a dog he had found in the forest, named Birra, and we always thought it had an internal war between a wild dog and the comfort of living in a house, and we wrote this song, Gos salvatge, which talks about the fight we think Birra had to cope with for two years’, Andreu said to introduce the song.

There was an unpublished song too, titled El mur, and which has not been recorded yet. Andrey said she wrote it “thinking about the teenage years, when we think we know it all, and that we deserve credit for everything we have, and that we have fought for it, and that nobody understands us, plus we think we are the best’.

Before closing the concert with a poem by Lorca, played by Paco Ibáñez, Canción del jinete, they played El crit al cel, a song that, according to Andreu, “is quite appropriate for everything that is happening now, because many of us have not seen our beloved ones for a while and I hope you think about them while you listen to this piece’.

The cycle is organized by the Unit of Corporate Image and Publicity of the UB and counts on the collaboration of Moritz. Mireia Madroñero is in charge of the artistic management and coordination, and Bankrobber is in charge of the production.