A seminar reflects on the intercultural cities experience in Spain and Italy

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On next Friday, 16 December, it will be held a seminar called -Ciudades Interculturales. Las políticas locales interculturales hoy, perspectivas y retos en España e Italia-. (-Intercultural Cities. Today’s intercultural local policies, perspectives and challenges in Spain and Italy-). The event, which will start at 9:30h, will take place on the pb-05 room in the Faculty of Teacher Training of the Universitat de València (Tarongers campus).

The seminar has been organised by the Department of Social Work, the Institute of Human Rights of the Universitat de València, and the CIRMiB of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano. The sessions will be presented by the professors Ana Vázquez Cañete (Department of Social Work and Social Services of the Universitat de València) and Mariagrazia Santagati (CIRMiB, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore).

The aim of the seminar, as the professor Albert Mora explained, "is considering the current challenges of intercultural policies in Spanish and Italian cities. In order to do it, several experts in the field and representatives of Intercultural Cities will discuss about the current situation of these policies, challenges that are facing, and potential strategies useful for the current context. We will pay special attention to interculturality potentialities as a tool for facing racism, discrimination and hate".

The sessions are expected to be formed as a forum for reflection and are addressed to researchers, professionals and activists with experience or interested in this field, as well as to students of third year studying degrees related with this subject.

Registration is free and sessions are opened to those interested.