A push for the future Geological Garden of the UB


The project of the Geological Garden of the UB is included in the tourism sustainability plan of the Barcelona City Council to carry out projects in the city which will be funded by the Next Generation EU funding. The Geological Garden, which is planned to be located in calle MenÚndez y Pelayo, will serve to disseminate the history of the planet Earth and relate it to current issues such as climate crisis, the energy transition and sustainability of natural resources.

This space will include big rocks of different types in several shapes, sizes, colours and textures. However, the garden goes beyond this rock collection: it will feature explanations about several aspects of geological science. The garden will be used as a teaching laboratory and room for geology dissemination through guided tours. One of the aspects to highlight is the evolution of geological time, so that visitors can take a journey through the last 500 million years of the Earth. The details of this proposal are available on this.

The Geological Garden is a project by the Faculty of Earth Science, launched by the former dean Miquel └ngel Cuevas, and now continued by the current dean, Albert Soler. It is precedented by the Geological Courtyard of the Faculty, which is, under a smaller format, the one to become the future Geological Garden. The garden project is the only one in Les Corts district to be presented by the Barcelona City Council in the tourism sustainability strategic plan. The strategy is based on the Programs of Plans of Sustainable Tourism on Destinations aimed at local entities within the context of the Plan for Modernization and Competitiveness of the Tourist Sector of the Spanish Government.