A journey discovering the secrets of volcanoes with the Volkis

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The digital publication invites the reader to start a journey in the world of vo
The digital publication invites the reader to start a journey in the world of volcanoes.

How is the Earth on the inside? Why are there volcanoes? Where? How is the inside of a volcano? What are the most famous eruptions? Are there extra-terrestrial volcanoes? These are some of the questions with their answers in the new scientific dissemination book Descubre los volcanes. Acompaña a los Volkis en su aventura volcánica , a digital publication coordinated by the vulcanologists Meritxell Aulinas, from the Faculty of Earth Sciences of the UB, and Adelina Geyer and Joan Martí, from the Geosciences Barcelona research group ( GEO3BCN-CSIC ).

The digital publication invites the reader to start a journey in the world of volcanoes to discover its dangers —and its benefits— and it treats several thematic contents on volcanology in a communicative language for the young and adult audiences. The book, illustrated by the geologist and communicator Nia Schamuells, has a which includes a wide range of disseminative resources and materials: experiments, drawings to colour, videos, links of interest and a glossary with the specific terminology of volcanology.

Meritxell Aulinas, lecturer at the Department of Mineralogy, Petrology and Applied Geology, contributed to the study and monitoring in situ of the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano in La Palma in 2021. Aulinas, affiliated at the Innovation Group on Geochemistry and Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary Rocks of the UB, collaborated in the creation of several didactic resources related to this volcanic episode that changed the life of the people in La Palma (Canary Islands).

Who are the Volkis?

The stars of the story are the Volkis, seven characters that represent the different volcanic products —Rocky, Lava, Basalti, Bombi, Xenoli, Scori and Tefri— who take the readers on a geological journey around the fascinating world of volcanoes.

The Volkis show the cultural and economic interest of volcanoes, they explain the dangers related to eruptions, and make an introduction to the volcanic vigilance, going over the most relevant eruptions that have taken place in the planet. Also, these characters go around the solar system too in order to explore the main volcanoes of other planets and moons.

The digital book, now published in Spanish, will be soon edited in Catalan and English. The project, funded by the initiative ’Cuenta la Ciencia’ from the CSIC General Foundation, counts on the participation of the Research Group on Science Learning and Competences of the University of Málaga (ENCIC), and the Spanish National Geographic Institute (IGN).