4-Minute Doctoral Thesis

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Anna Alfocea.

Anna Alfocea.

Anna Alfocea, from the doctoral program on Engineering and Applied Sciences, will represent the UB in the 4-Minute Doctoral Thesis contest, from the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation (FCRI). Alfocea’s research assesses the possibility of revaluating waste from the iron and steel industry to become a raw material of sustainable magnesium phosphate cement.

The aim of the doctorand student’s research is to promote circular economy and reduce the environmental impact. About 8% of the CO2 global emissions come from the Portland cement industry. This is why we need other more sustainable cements and one of the most promising materials is the magnesium phosphate cement.

FCRI organizes the 4-Minute Thesis together with twelve Catalan universities and counts on the support from the Catalan Government. Its aim is to present the doctoral students, from any scientific discipline, the challenge of explaining their research in only 4 minutes maximum, using a clear and understandable language for non-expert audiences.

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