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Politics - Social Sciences - 13.05.2022
From political polarization to affective polarization. How did we get to the current situation?
Mariano Torcal and Josep Maria Comellas, researchers at the UPF Research and Expertise Centre for Survey Methodology (RECSM), are the authors of an introductory article for a special issue of the jou

Health - Social Sciences - 11.05.2022
Children with history of maltreatment could undergo an early maturation of the immune system
The acute psychosocial stress states stimulate the secretion of an antibody type protein which is decisive in the first immune defence against infection, but only after puberty. However, children with a history of maltreatment present a similar response to that of adolescents, which suggests there is an early maturation of the immune system in these cases.

Pedagogy - Social Sciences - 02.03.2022
Researchers from UPF are working with young people in the Raval district to boost audiovisual media as a tool for social transformation
The project SMOOTH gathers 11 European universities that will study whether -educational commons- can act as catalysts to reverse social inequalities among young people and children. UPF is to undertake the performance of two case studies in Barcelona on which work will be carried out with the entities AEI Raval and ElParlante.

Social Sciences - Innovation - 20.01.2022
A new digital gap in internet usage between rich and poor people has been detected
Social networks are used more often in poor neighbourhoods than in affluent neighbourhoods, while the latter tend to consume more information from traditional online media. This is one of the conclusions of a scientific study undertaken by researchers at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), the IMDEA Networks Institute, and Orange Innovation which analyses the relationship between internet usage and variables such as education, income, or inequality in a specific area.

Social Sciences - 17.12.2021
Researchers write the first global report on sexual violence in Spain
Researchers write the first global report on sexual violence in Spain
UB researchers have written, required by the Spanish Ministry of Home Affairs, a report on sexual violence in Spain which gathers and analyses the existing data in order to provide a global view of the phenomenon. The authors of the study used official figures, such as the number of reports and sentences, and several published surveys and researches on this issue, among other sources.

Social Sciences - 04.11.2021
Excavations carried out by UPF researchers reveal an Iberian settlement in the heart of Emporion territory
A series of structures from the Iberian period excavated at Turˇ de Vilanera and at Muntanya Rodona (l'Escala, Alt EmpordÓ) suggest that local groups managed and controlled this territory centuries after the establishment of a Greek community in the port of Emporion. A few weeks ago, the excavation campaign carried out by a research team from Pompeu Fabra University at Turˇ de Vilanera (l'Escala, Alt EmpordÓ) came to an end.

Social Sciences - 13.10.2021
The influence collective risks have on the acceptance of social norms is being analysed
Faced with large collective risk, such as climate change or the COVID crisis, people may accept stronger or more restrictive social norms and may be more inclined to cooperate with them. However, when the perception of risk decreases, so does adherence to these norms. This is one of the conclusions of an experimental study conducted by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), the Collegio Carlo Alberto in Turin, the Italian National Research Council, the Institute for Futures Studies in Stockholm, and Mńlardalen University (Sweden).

Social Sciences - 02.06.2021
Children’s beat gestures predict the subsequent development of their oral skills
So reveals a study published on 21 May in Child Development , conducted by Ingrid VilÓ-GimÚnez and Pilar Prieto (ICREA), members of the Prosodic Studies research group, together with researchers from the universities of Chicago and of Iowa.

Social Sciences - 31.05.2021
A new model enables the recreation of the family tree of complex networks
A new model enables the recreation of the family tree of complex networks
In a new study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), a research team of the Institute of Complex Systems of the UB ( UBICS ) analysed the time evolution of real complex networks and developed a model in which the emergence of new nodes can be related to pre-existing nodes, similarly to the evolution of species in biology.

Social Sciences - History / Archeology - 06.05.2021
Human burial from 78,000 years ago in Africa
Human burial from 78,000 years ago in Africa
└frica Pitarch, Beatriu de Pinˇs researcher in the Prehistoric Studies and Research Seminar of the UB (SERP-UB) 000 years ago. Researchers found remains of a child aged between 2.5 and 3, in a shallow grave in the site of Panga ya Saidi (Kenya). This burial joins other evidence of the first social complex behaviour seen in Homo Sapiens.

Social Sciences - 26.04.2021
The level of satisfaction with life in Spain is marked by household financial capacity
A study by Jordi GumÓ (UPF) and Bruno Arpino (University of Florence) examines how the gender revolution affects the individual wellbeing of partnered women and men in Spain. The aim of the research is to examine whether unequal participation in providing financial resources and performing household chores is associated with differences in levels of life satisfaction.

Earth Sciences - Social Sciences - 08.04.2021
Hidden meaning of mountain gorillas' chest beats
Hidden meaning of mountain gorillas’ chest beats
The image of a gorilla beating its chest is one of the most iconic images related to the behaviour of these primates. However, despite being one of the most emblematic sounds in the animal kingdom, the well-known chest beats have received little attention from the scientific community. A research team in which Jordi Galbany, expert from the Faculty of Psychology of the UB, takes part, has found a correlation between the body size of gorillas and the sound frequency of the typical chest beats.

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - 22.03.2021
The gender equalization process in Spain led to unexpected effects on the health of new-borns
The gender equalization process in Spain led to unexpected effects on the health of new-borns, according to research A study involving researchers from Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Mannheim and Carlos III of Madrid universities analyses the effect of increased access by women to education and financial opportunities caused to their fertility and the health of new-borns.

Social Sciences - Health - 03.03.2021
Green tea supplements can modulate facial development in Down syndrome
Green tea supplements can modulate facial development in Down syndrome
Recerca A new study led by Belgian and Spanish researchers published in the journal Scientific Repor ts adds evidence about the potential benefits of green tea extracts in Down syndrome. The researchers observed that the intake of green tea extracts can reduce facial dysmorphology in children with Down syndrome when taken during the first three years of life.