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Health - Computer Science - 05.05.2021
Artificial intelligence identifies the tiger mosquito from the photos received in the Mosquito Alert app
Artificial intelligence, combined with citizen science, will provide real-time detection of the tiger mosquito on a large scale and, as a result, will allow faster control of this disease transmitter. The deep learning algorithm that has been trained with more than 7,000 anonymous photographs received in the Mosquito Alert app between 2015 and 2019, is able to correctly identify 96% of tiger mosquito photographs.

Computer Science - Mathematics - 10.03.2021
Future virtual fitting rooms
Future virtual fitting rooms
Recerca A team of the University of Barcelona and the Computer Vision Center ( CVC ) have carried out CLOTH3D, the first 3D synthetic dataset at a large scale aimed at the development of deep learning to simulate clothes on different body types.