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Politics - 05.07.2021
A key tool for citizen participation in science
Scientists from the Science, Communication and Society Study Centre at UPF gain insight into how citizen participation in science is practised in Spain and propose a series of recommendations for its improvement. Researchers from UPF have analysed the way citizen science is practised in Spain. The paper, produced by Carolina Llorente and Gema Revuelta , from UPF's Science, Communication and Society Studies Centre ( CCS-UPF ) and Mar Carrió , from the University's Health Sciences Educational Research Group ( GRECS ), has been published in the Journal of Science Communication (JCOM).

Politics - 07.06.2021
When and why do politicians use emotive rhetoric in parliamentary speeches?
A study involving Toni Rodon, a professor with the UPF Department of Political and Social Sciences, argues that emotive rhetoric is one of the tools that politicians use strategically to attract voters. Published in American Political Science Review , the article analyses two million parliamentary speeches delivered in the lower houses of parliament in the UK (between 2001 and 2019) and Ireland (between 2002 and 2013).