The ’Ecophage Valencia 2023’ workshop addresses the risks and applications of viruses that infect bacteria

International workshop ’Ecophage Valencia 2023’.
International workshop ’Ecophage Valencia 2023’.
The University of Valencia holds the international workshop -Ecophage Valencia 2023-, with the title -Combating antimicrobial resistance with bacteriophages for eco-sustainable agriculture and food systems-, in the Charles Darwin Room of the Burjassot-Paterna campus of the University of Valencia. The event, from Tuesday the 12th to Wednesday at noon, has the global objective of raising awareness and make known bacteriophage viruses (those that infect bacteria) and their applications in areas such as food safety and sustainability.

The event, funded by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), brings together experts from around the world to share the latest research on bacteriophages (or phages) as a natural alternative to the use of antibiotics in agri-food and aquaculture.

From the University of Valencia, Rosa Donat, vice-rector for Innovation and Transfer; Carmen Bañó, dean of the Faculty of Biological Sciences; Hortensia Rico, dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, and Elena González Biosca, full professor of the Department of Microbiology and Ecology and co-organiser of the event participated in the opening ceremony of "Ecophage Valencia 2023".

Pilar García Suárez, from the Institute of Dairy Products of Asturias (IPLA-CSIC); Rafael Tabla, from the Centre for Scientific and Technological Research of Extremadura; and Dácil Rivera, from the Andrés Bello University of Chile are also co-organisers of "Ecophage Valencia 2023".