Two researchers from the University of Valencia, semifinalists in the Spanish phase of the Ibero-American monologue contest Solo de Ciencia

Daniel Pellicer (left) and Alejandro Requena (right).
Daniel Pellicer (left) and Alejandro Requena (right).
Daniel Pellicer Roig, Master’s in Medical Biotechnology and doctoral candidate in Physiology of Rare Respiratory Diseases from the University of Valencia; and Alejandro Requena Menéndez, a researcher at the Institute for Integrative Systems Biology (I2SysBio), a joint UV and CSIC centre, are two of the semifinalists of the Spanish edition of Solo de Ciencia, the first Ibero-American contest of scientific monologues, promoted in Spain by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECyT).

This initiative’s main objective is to promote the communication of science in Spanish, encouraging those who carry out their studies or their professional career in the field of science, technology and innovation to become actively involved in the dissemination in usual scenarios. away from these types of activities. The people selected as semifinalists are 5 women and 7 men, aged between 23 and 35 and from research areas such as Humanities, Medicine, Molecular Biology, Chemistry or Environmental Sciences.

Daniel Pellicer is editor of the science section of the newspaper La Razón and has performed in numerous acts with monologues (Desgranando Ciencia, Quart és Cičncia, the CIB of the Faculty of Medicine and MedNight in Valencia and Salamanca, among others). In 2020 he was a finalist in FameLab, the largest scientific monologue contest in Spain. He currently disseminates about biotechnology and biomedicine on Twitter (@Dani_Pellicer) and YouTube on the Divudan channel , in which he is creating a series of documentaries to train professionals, patients and the curious, regarding minority diseases.

Alejandro Requena works on the application of the CRISPR-Cas tool in the diagnosis of DNA and RNA sequences at I2SysBio. He was trained in Synthetic Biology at the University of Valencia and his Final Degree Project was about the construction of artificial genetic regulation systems. He also obtained the Master’s Degree in Biotechnology and studied the ability of ligninolytic fungi to degrade macroplastics of daily use and additives such as bisphenol A. Alejandro Requena began in dissemination in 2022, in the II Interuniversity Competition for Scientific Dissemination (EventEX association) where He got the 2 prize.

On February 25, the FECYT will hold a training day in Madrid for semifinalists in communication techniques and vocal and body expression. The eight people classified in the semifinal, which will be held in the coming months, will move on to the next phase of the contest, the national final, where the representative of Spain for Solo de Ciencia will be chosen. Applications for participation in the contest have consisted of the presentation of a short video -less than three minutesin which each applicant has interpreted, in Spanish, a monologue related to a scientific or technological topic.

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