The winners of the CINTOnitzats contest on the figure of Jacint Verdaguer

Group photo of the awardees.

Group photo of the awardees.


Bernat Servitge Verdaguer, sixth-year student of the bachelor’s degree in Medicine; Lan Gonzálesz Vidal, fourth-year student of Mathematics, and Samantha López Mochales, predoctoral student of the doctoral program in Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, were the winners of the CINTOnitzats contest. Organized by the UB Language Services, CINTOnitzats is held to share, through games and humour, the details and curiosities of the Jacint Verdaguer’s life and work, as part of his 120th death anniversary.

The CINTOnitzats website has received more than 6,000 visits, almost 2.000 submitted questions and 1,000 answers on social networks. This is the fifth edition of an annual contest dedicated to a distinguished figure of the Catalan language and literature. In 2018, the contest was dedicated to Pompeu Fabra, in 2019 to Joan Brossa, in 2020 to Caterina Albert and in 2021 to Montserrat Roig. This year’s edition has received the highest success rate in answers.

The contest consisted of nine multiple-answer questions about pastor Cinto, an important figure with an exciting life. This year’s edition represents our coming back to face-to-face activities and it has filled the centers of the University of Barcelona with the image of the pastor to invite the university community to find out about the most representative author of the Renaissance.

As stated in the contest rules, once CINTOnitzats ends, there is a draw among the participants to choose the three awardees. Each awardee receives a Jacint Verdaguer pack, which includes two cultural visits to two spaces related to the poet, the books Primavera and Al cel, by pastor Folgueroles, and a third book full of chocolates. The contest has the support from the Vice-rector’s Office of Institutional Relations, Communication and Language Policy, and the collaboration of the Language Dynamization Network and Verdaguer Fundation.

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