The Clinic Campus’ viability regarding Barcelona’s Diagonal, approved 

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Image of the Hospital Clínic front building. Image: Hospital Clínic   Image of the Hospital Clínic front building. Image: Hospital Clínic   


The Interinstitutional Commission for studying the viability of the future location of Hospital Clínic de Barcelona has confirmed that it is feasible to start the expansion project in Diagonal and, specifically, in the place currently held by the sports facilities of the University of Barcelona (UB). The new center will cover a surface of 290,000 square meters.

The Committee was built last May in order to assess the conditions of the location of theexpansion of the Hospital Clínic in the UB sports facilities in avinguda Diagonal. Participants are the Department of Health of the Catalan Government, the Barcelona City Council, the Barcelona Provincial Council, the University of Barcelona and Hospital Clínic de Barcelona.

Since its creation, the Commission has studied the viability of the project from the points of view of urban planning, mobility, care, teaching, research and innovation.

The conclusion is that the space on the Diagonal is the most suitable for expanding the centre and integrating these activities. The Campus Clínic, which includes the UB’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and research and innovation infrastructures, is one of the most important biomedical campuses in Europe. At the same time, the project would reinforce the leading role of the University of Barcelona in biomedical research, especially because of its connection with the Barcelona Science Park, distinguished in this field, and with the Health bloc that is being developed.

The Commission agreed that the urban planning instrument for the transformation of the new Campus Clínic Diagonal will be that of the necessary modifications of the General Metropolitan Plan.

It was also agreed to propose future uses for the current site of the Hospital in the Eixample and the Provença site to meet the needs of facilities (health, education, fire brigade, etc.) and green areas due to the growth of the Eixample, making it compatible with the university uses of the UB. Proposals for needs and demands expressed by residents will be considered.

When making the decision, in addition to the availability of space, the accessibility, the impact on mobility and the quality of life of the reference population have been studied. Over the next few months, working teams will be set up to specify the project from a technical and financial point of view and to establish an activity calendar.

The need for an extension of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona has the consensus of all the institutions, as it occupies a centenary building that does not allow for growth or the incorporation of the latest innovations and technological improvements.

In February 2021, all the involved institutions agreed on creating a new space for the Hospital Clínic. Last May, they decided to build a commission to study potential locations, with the UB sports facilities of Diagonal as the first option.

Once the feasibility of the project at the location of the UB sports facilities has been agreed, the activation of the project will require the approval of the University’s governing bodies. The effects on the UB sports facilities, which are expected in the long term, will be subject to this approval by the UB’s decision-making bodies, in dialogue with the user community.