The activities of the UCC+i of the University of Valencia, the project best valued by the FECYT in Networks of Scientific Culture Units

The Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit of the University of Valencia (UCC+i UV) has received 97 points out of 100 in the latest call for grants for the promotion of scientific, technological and innovation culture from the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, with its annual plan of dissemination activities. This proposal is the best valued by the state body in the UCC Networks modality and receives the maximum funding (30,000 euros). In addition, the UCC+i UV participates in three other projects of the call.

The activities foreseen in the annual plan for the period 2022-2023 aim to promote scientific culture among citizens and are framed in four fundamental axes of action: scientific communication, advice and training in communication, scientific dissemination and studies of scientific culture. These axes will be developed through nine specific activities aimed at all audiences, but especially students at pre-university levels.

Thus, Stimulating scientific vocations is an action aimed at high school and baccalaureate through a conference and a subsequent dialogue with researchers from the UV; the Mathematic Routes, which are itineraries, also for primary and secondary schools, in which the city environment is used as a didactic resource for the dissemination and teaching of mathematics. The science workshops of Archaeology, Mathematics, Chemistry or phages will also be carried out.

The fourth activity included in the program of activities to be funded is the holding of morning sessions, science bars and conversations about science; while the fifth is Emerging Science, an initiative that, through short videos for the web and social networks, disseminates the research results of researchers at the beginning of their career. The sixth is the course Disseminating and communicating my research, aimed at teachers and researchers.

Cooking science dissemination, to disseminate cuisine linked to its processes and ingredients and Walks through the history of science, itineraries related to the scientific heritage of Valencia seen as part of the Valencian identity itself, complete the activities of the annual scientific dissemination plan.

Thus, the FECYT recognises in its assessment that the objectives and quality of the project, the target audience, co-financing, planning, strategy and communication plan, the experience of the team and the impact criteria.

The other activity projects funded by FECYT in which the University of Valencia participates are the XVIII Experimenta Fair-Contest, with 15,000 euros in funding; the Meitner project, remembering Lise Meitner (with 25,000 euros) and Estalmat (Stimulation of Mathematical Talent in secondary school and baccalaureate students in the Valencian Community), funded with 13,000 euros.