Four spin-offs linked to the University of Valencia participate in Transfiere, the largest Spanish science, technology and innovation forum

The spin-offs linked to the University of Valencia OPTICALSENS, MicroLab Biotech, MATTECO TEAM and EVOLVING THERAPEUTICS present their research projects at the Transfiere forum, an international meeting held in Malaga from March 20 to 22 and that connects the entire Spanish innovation system and promotes its international projection. The academic institution will be present at the CV+i Comunitat Valenciana stand and also at the CRUE-RedOTRI stand.

This is a meeting in which more than 500 companies and public administrations, and 50 academic entities participate, and which constitutes one of the largest European events on R&D&i and knowledge transfer.

The Research Centre acts as a space in which cutting-edge prototypes from research groups and university spin-offs, technology centres, private entities and startups are presented. During the three days of the Transfiere forum within the framework of the Elevator Pitch, prototypes and international research projects in the fields of Health, Sustainability, Sustainable Construction, Advanced Manufacturing, International Universities and Disruptive Technologies will be presented with brief speeches.

OPTICALSENS is a company recognised and owned by the University of Valencia (UV) and the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) that markets chemical submission drug detection sensors and senescence sensors, although it works on the development of chemical sensors and biomarkers of high scientific and industrial value.

MATTECO TEAM is a company focused on the development of advanced materials for the production of green hydrogen and decarbonisation, in a context in which green hydrogen has become a crucial energy vector to eliminate carbon emissions from large industries, such as steel and chemistry, or the mobility and long-distance transport sectors.

MicroLab Biotech will be presented in the field of prototypes and international research projects in the agri-food field. It is a biotechnology company that works to produce active materials based on microorganisms and botanical extracts for agriculture and the food industry.

In addition, EVOLVING THERAPEUTICS will participate in the presentation of success stories from RedOTRI-CRUE Spanish Universities. It is a spin-off located in the Science Park of the University of Valencia that proposes biotechnological solutions for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of resistant pathogenic bacteria, with a methodology based on phages and from the global One Health approach.

Transfiere forum website including the events calendar, by clicking here.