Christophe Deluz’s work ’Sperm Whale’, in the Barcelona Science Park

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The artwork Sperm Whale, a wall painting by artist Christophe Deluz, is one of the last projects in the Barcelona Science Park (PCB) to promote interaction between arts and science in its emblematic spaces and to give visibility and a voice to the contemporary artists. This huge wall -4.5 meters high and 6.5 meters wideis the artistic idea of PCBeach, the new leisure area of the PCB.

Christophe Deluz’s composition, chosen among eighteen candidates, features a cetacean that floats on a blue background which represents the ocean and suggests moving the visitor to a beach in the middle of the upper side of Diagonal.

According to the artist, “Sperm Whale intends to symbolize current worries such as the preservation of the environment, the species and taking care of the planet, since the sperm whale is an endangered cetacean species, threatened by human action and chemical and sound pollution in oceans’.

Deluz is a graphical and textile designer. He graduated in Visual Communication at the School of Graphic Research in Brussels, and worked for many international companies and is the author of many wall paintings in Barcelona. Among the members of the jury were Àlex Susanna, director of Arts in the Vila-Casas Foundation, and Sergio Vila-Sanjuán, culture journalist, writer and awardee of the National Award of Culture Journalism.

According to Maria Terrades, director of PCB, “we want to continue to support the Park to become a living ecosystem, an innovative and enriching space of confluence, where people, buildings, arts and science are related’. At this moment, the PCB has seven works by contemporary talents such as Nuria Mora, Anna Taratiel and Kelly Arrontes. “And we are working on other projects to give voice to the creative language of other artists with more works in the near future’, concludes Terrades.