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Innovation - Life Sciences - 03.12.2021
New gene-writing technology to obtain more effective and safe therapies developed
The technology has been developed by researchers from the Translational Synthetic Biology Laboratory at UPF led by Dr. Marc Güell. Find Cut-and-Transfer (FiCAT) is a tool capable of accurately writing small and large genes.

Health - Innovation - 02.11.2021
A new tool manages to identify the precise anatomical location of ventricular arrhythmias
Researchers from the BCN Medtech Research Unit have participated in its development, which will facilitate interventional treatment of ventricular tachycardias through safer, more efficient procedures. A multidisciplinary team of researchers and physicians has developed a new commercial tool that is able to identify the exact location of ventricular arrhythmias prior to an ablation procedure.

Innovation - 27.05.2021
What will the future of UAV cellular communications be?
A study by Giovanni Geraci and Ángel Lozano, members of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies, together with researchers from the universities of New York, North Carolina State (USA), Luxembourg, and Paris- Saclay, and Huawei Technologies. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), also commonly known as drones, are self-piloting or remotely controlled apparatuses.

Environment - Innovation - 18.03.2021
Climate change ravages coralligenous architects in the Mediterranean
Climate change ravages coralligenous architects in the Mediterranean
Recerca Marine heatwaves are dramatically affecting the marine ecosystems of the world and the Mediterranean is no exception. In the Mediterranean, these extreme climate episodes and its resulting massive mortality of species are getting more and more intense and frequent. To date, most of the studies analysed the effects of these perturbations on specific species and populations, although researchers still do not know how this affects the functioning of the involved ecosystems.